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We are the largest manufacturers of rift and quartered lumber and flooring in the world and specializes in the super wide and the super long planks.

At Graf Brothers we specialize in the Old World Craft of Rift and Quartered lumber and we are considered the World's Largest Manufacturer of these rift and quarter sawn oak products.

Rift & Quartered lumber results from a unique way of sawing that maximizes the yield of lumber with vertical grain. Lumber that has been sawn using this method expands evenly and vertically, which also increases the structural integrity of the wood.

We currently produce 125,000 board feet of lumber per shift and maintain stock at our West Coast warehouse: Long Beach, CA. This allows us to service the just in time inventory level that specialty millwork houses and distribution yards demand in today's economic climate.

Graf Brothers' main lumber headquarters and main sales office is a 70-acre site in South Shore, KY. In addition to the main sawmill, Graf Brothers is supplied by two of its other sawmills located in Otway, Ohio, and Henley, Ohio. Our sawmills have regularly produced precision-cut Quarter Sawn boards up to 24" wide. These board widths are unheard of in the industry, but we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the lumber industries.

In addition to our domestic sales offices, we have an extensive lumber export division that provides for offices in Athens, Greece; Dalian, China; Brussels, Belgium; Berlin, Germany; and London, England.

Width sorting is normal practice at Graf Brothers, allowing flooring and millwork houses to order for specific jobs. All of our lumber in is sorted in one-inch tolerances up to the 8-inch size, and two-inch tolerances in 9 through 14-inch sizes. Customers can also opt for 15-inch and wider stock in both White Oak and Walnut. We also offer "Plus Strips" which is lumber that is ripped to customer specified widths and are popular with distributors in metropolitan areas.

SPECIES | WHITE OAK 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 | RED OAK 4/4 only | WALNUT 4/4 only

GRADES | PRIME/FAS (FAS with very limited sap content) | CHARACTER (sound tight knot, very limited splits and unsound)



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